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Video Production


When we started our production house, besides setting goals, short and long, we focussed on the path we would travel to achieve them. And there was no path better than excellence.

We are a sustainable solution to all your production needs. An end-to-end service provider, we cater to all dimensions of the industry.

With excellence being a journey and not a destination, we continue to pursue it by increasing the standard of our work with every stride we take.

With an adept workforce and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we integrate traditional principles of filmmaking and the modern tools of the digital age to produce the most effective communication message.

In a market where the rainbow has become monotonous, we add that extra color to it by bringing in our creative and ground-breaking content.

We understand the pulse of the market and give you the best solution to build your brand to a height it has never reached before.



Video Editing:

We have the best Professionals in Video Editing and Motion Graphics Designer. We have 34+ years of experience in working with video production. We are dedicated to a Professional approach and customer-oriented thinking - Providing high-quality audio/visual works, where every detail feels right - Making recommendations when there is room for improvement - Delivering always on time and on budget - We are not satisfied until you are.

Presently, if you are looking for a Video Editor, Video Studio to support you produce brand promotional videos for your Businesses, however large or small video projects then you are at the Right Place, We are the one for you!

You see for the past 34 years we have been providing fully professional Video Editing Services to Businesses and helping them to produce Creative Video Content that engages their audience through the Right Message with impressive results from time to time within an affordable budget.

We would like to do the same for you. To save your Time and Money, Contact us directly. Avoid Paying Inflated Agency Fees and Paying Extra for the Same Service for faster, more Reliable, Most Importantly, and More Affordable for You.

Video Production:

We have our home production Video, Film, and TV Serial and till now successfully released more than 2000 Super Hit Video CDs in various languages. “ANURADHA” TV serial is one of the best Mega TV Serials and beat all the records of TRP in the history of the Assamese Television Industry. 

We also produce every year in Bihu most popular Audio Albums “JAANMONI”, “ANJANA”, and “ZUBEEN GARG’S MODERN ALBUM” including Video CD on series basis in every year.

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